Erica Baez Law


Mediation Concept Of Operations

Litigating divorce, property settlements, child custody, and support issues before the courts can be very expensive and stressful. Couples who are seriously considering divorce, or those thinking about hiring a lawyer to go to court to resolve any serious issues relating to divorce may, if they meet certain criteria, qualify for mediation.

What are the eligibility criteria for mediation services?

— both parties reasonably believe that with professional help, they have a chance of coming to a fair and mutually beneficial settlement of all issues in dispute;

— both parties share a genuine desire to avoid expensive litigation that drains available financial resources and damages already strained personal relationships and emotional well-being of all family members;

— both parties are willing to work with a mediator in a cooperative spirit, with full transparency and comply with the terms of any agreement they make with their mediator, including promptly paying all agreed fees;

— there has been no history of spousal or child abuse that renders mediation impractical and a waste of valuable time and financial resources;

— regardless of their individual faith traditions, both parties understand our mediation services incorporate Biblical teachings, as our mediators are Christians who are also legal professionals (this does NOT mean receipt of unwanted spiritual counsel or “preaching”); and

— neither party has previously been a client of Erica Baez, nor has any other relationship with our attorneys or staff that would legally preclude our representation of the parties in the context of mediation.