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Mediation Services For Resolving Family Law Issues

Working with a trained mediation facilitator allows couples an opportunity to reach a settlement with minimum stress and conflict. Mediation is designed to allow partners to work together to find mutually agreeable terms. The mediation process is typically faster and less expensive than going to court. It also puts the decision-making power in your hands rather than deferring to the ruling of a judge.

Choosing Mediation Over Litigation

While litigation is sometimes the only way to resolve family law disputes, in most cases, mediation is the best option. Rather than going to court and turning over control of the final agreement to a judge, mediation puts control into the hands of the parties. The ultimate goal of mediation is to put the parties in control of the outcome. By sitting down with a neutral, third-party mediator, each party is able to communicate their interests and concerns in a safe and comfortable environment. In the end, the mediation process is less contentious than litigation and results in more amicable post-divorce relationships.

The Benefits Of Mediation For Children

Mediation allows spouses to remain civil during the divorce process. When there are children involved, it helps foster a healthier post-divorce family dynamic. Divorce is a stressful time for children, and mediation helps foster stability and well-being for children during the chaotic divorce process. The end of the divorce does not end your interactions with your ex-spouse. It is far better for parents and children when parents have an amicable post-divorce relationship. We help make sure that mediation results in a settlement that works for both parents and protects your child(ren)’s best interests.

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