Erica Baez Law

Prospective Family Law Client

Welcome! We are glad you are interested in our law firm. This page briefly describes the four(4) options you have when deciding how to resolve your family law dispute with us.

      • Mediation: If you want to stay out of court and believe you can amicably resolve all the issues in your dispute with the aid of a trained mediator who is experienced in family law, mediation may be best for you. Our attorneys are experienced mediators who can assist you. Once we begin the process as your mediator, we cannot represent you as your attorney.
      • Collaborative Divorce: This is for situations when you want to stay out of court, but each party prefers to have their own lawyer and then negotiate a resolution with the aid of any appropriate neutral. Neutrals may include, but are not limited to, a mental health coach and financial expert. In this case, our lawyers can represent one but not both of you. The other party would secure a separate lawyer trained in collaborative divorce. This option is typically more expensive than mediation, but it is usually far less than litigation.
      • Cooperative Negotiation: If you do not believe that mediation or collaborative divorce are realistic options for you, you can retain one of our lawyers to advise you of your rights, assist you in developing a proposal for the resolution of all your disputed issues, and help you negotiate a settlement with the other party, whether or not they have their own lawyer.
      • Litigation: In some cases, litigation is the only option. If there are ongoing allegations of domestic abuse in any form, litigation is usually required. When you need to secure relief in the courts, we can represent you in all matters before the court. In a family law matter, this may be temporary orders on child custody, child support, spousal support, and filing for divorce. Our attorneys are experienced litigators.

Once we know which option you believe is best for your case, we will schedule you for the appropriate consultation with our team.