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Guidance On The Emotional, Spiritual, And Financial Challenges Of Divorce And Family Law Issues

At Erica Baez Law, we understand that the legal issues that affect your family also affect all other aspects of your life. We believe that to effectively resolve family law matters, we must be aware of how that resolution affects other aspects of your life. By taking a compassionate and comprehensive approach to helping our clients, we make the process less stressful and chaotic.

A Practice Focused On Mediation And Conflict Resolution

Any mediator will tell you that the main benefits of choosing mediation over litigation are that it saves time and money. But the benefits of mediation go beyond saving time, dollars, and cents. Mediation puts the control of the process and outcome in your hands. It reduces levels of animosity and conflict for a more calm and measured process. When children are involved, it prevents the trauma that sometimes results from a hard-fought divorce trial. Mediation provides a more peaceful process of resolution without the emotional scars of a bitter divorce.

A Legal Team Zealously Advocating For You

Our legal team boasts more than a half-century of combined legal experience. We are highly responsive and pride ourselves on giving every client the time and attention they need to resolve their legal issues. Matt Bristol offers faith-based conflict coaching, and attorney Baez is a certified guardian ad litem for children. To learn more about the backgrounds and experience of our legal team, follow the links below.

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