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Domestic Violence

Fighting For Your Rights In Domestic Violence Cases

Sometimes, emotions can take over and quickly get the best of someone. Mental health and substance abuse issues can also create the perfect storm for trouble. It can cause someone to make threats or attempts to physically harm another person.

Erica Baez Law attorneys are experienced in handling domestic violence and domestic abuse cases. From start to finish of your case, we examine the circumstances leading to threats or acts of physical or emotional abuse and develop a carefully crafted legal plan to address domestic violence in your case.

We can assist you with the following issues relating to domestic violence:

    • Emergency protective orders
    • Preliminary protective orders
    • Permanent protective orders
    • Harassment
    • Stalking
    • Assault and battery

At Erica Baez Law, we can guide you through the necessary steps to protect yourself and keep the situation from getting worse.

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