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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a negotiation-based process that allows couples to stay out of the courtroom. The key difference between collaborative practice and conventional divorce is that you and your spouse commit to reaching an agreement before going to court. The goal is to solve problems as a team and avoid the emotional and financial costs of court.

The collaborative process requires that each party retain an attorney trained in collaborative divorce. This is what differentiates the collaborative process from mediation, where the parties are not required to retain separate lawyers.

Once each party retains an attorney, the attorneys work with the parties to determine whether any neutral experts would likely prove valuable to the process. For example, these neutrals may be a mental health coach, a child specialist, and an accountant. Meetings will be scheduled at convenient times for all members of the team to resolve the issues presented by the divorce. Should either party later choose to stop negotiation and take matters to court, both parties must seek new legal representation.

Our firm works with many mental health professionals, financial experts, and real estate professionals to help our clients as they make tough decisions regarding custody, child support, property settlement agreements, spousal support, and more.

The collaborative divorce process is ideal for individuals who want to maintain a positive relationship with their ex-spouse by seeking amicable resolutions. The attorneys at Erica Baez Law are skilled in this negotiation-based process. They will help you identify and implement practical solutions for your family.

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